When I write, I struggle with fearing that what I write about has been written about before. Therefore meaning it won’t matter. I tend to think that I have to write about a new, thrilling, inspiring concept that will change the world. Something that people haven’t heard about or thought of before.

For instance I am passionate about  positive body image regardless what size you are. And everywhere I look people are talking about it. Blogs and motivational talks on this subject are everywhere! So I find myself asking, why should I talk about this? There’s SO MANY people already talking about it.

But I’m beginning to realize that it doesn’t matter how many people are talking about it. Because here’s the deal: how many times have you read about something again and again and then one day you read the very same thing, written a little differently by a different person and something just goes: Click!

And you think, “where has this been all my life!?” And then you realize it’s been there all along, you just needed to read it a little bit differently. Or you realize: ohh, THAT’S what it means.

So here’s what’s finally beginning to soak into my brain: Someone out there needs to hear or read what I have to say. Not because I’m some brilliant, wise, person who has every answer. But because, just maybe something will finally “click” for them and they understand it for the first time.

I find it absolutely fascinating that not one single human being has the exact same DNA. It blows my mind that the millions and millions of people on the planet right at this moment, each one has their own unique DNA. There is not one other person out there that is exactly like me, nor like you. Nor will there ever be!

So how I write and how I say things… There is not one other person on earth that writes like me, even if they write about the very same thing. And YOU. You who are reading this, you’ve thought about opening your mouth about something you are passionate about, but you stopped. Because you feel like you have nothing new to say.

Friend, someone needs to hear your voice. So what, if your subject has been talked about for thousands of years. People have been talking about God for thousands upon thousands of years and we are not done yet. And we could talk about that subject for thousands more and still not be done. Because God is endless and we will never be done discovering all that He is. That’s why we have eternity to look forward to.

So tell your story, sing your song, create your art, make your poetry, write your book… Whatever is. Do it! You are the ONLY original YOU. Unequaled. Unique. And someone is waiting on you.


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